Pulpo, mojo picón, emulsión de chirivía y AOVE Pago de Valdecuevas

Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Pago de Valdecuevas


  30 / Dificultad media


Pulpo 2 patas medianas
Pimiento rojo 1 ud.
Ajos  4 dientes
AOVE Pago de Valdecuevas         15 ml
Vinagre de sidra 50 ml
Comino c/s
Sal y pimienta c/s
Kimchi c/s
Chirivía 2 uds.
Patata 2 uds.
Caldo de pulpo c/s
mahonesa base 80 g.
Zumo de lima 50 ml


• For the mojo, we take the pepper, garlic, oil and vinegar, cumin and salt, we crush everything and leave it as fine as possible.
• Once the mojo is prepared, we place the octopus leg inside the mojo to macerate and gain flavor, keep it cold for a minimum of 6 hours.
• For the parsnip emulsion, place the parsnip next to the broth and cook until tender. We grind in a robot and we emulsify with the oil, rectify and reserve.

Finishing and presentation:
We mark the octopus leg on the grill or grill, cut it into slices, place the parsnip emulsion at the bottom of the plate and finally season it with part of the mojo from the bag.

Payment of Valdecuevas contribution to the dish:
In this dish the oil gives personality to the mojo picón that is normally made with a neutral seed oil, here it gives all its personality to the sauce.