Smoked cream cheese, Pago de Valdecuevas EVOO , raspberry caviar and tapenade

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pago de Valdecuevas


  30 / Intermediate


Cream cheese               200 g.
Chicken stock                  175ml
Shallots                 30 g.
Pago de Valdecuevas EVOO 100ml
Raspberry puree                 125ml
Black olives                80 g.
Anchovies                        2
Garlic             2 cloves
Agar-agar                    Tt *
Salt and pepper                       Tt


• Simmer the chicken stock and add the cream cheese. In a different pan, poach the shallot until it looses its colour.
• Mix the shallot with the stock and cheese and simmer for 10 minutes.
• Blend and emulsify the mixture with raw EVOO and then churn until getting a fine dough.
• For the tapenade: mix the olives, garlic and anchovies and mash with a mortar until getting a paste. Set aside.
• For the caviar: mix the raspberry purée with the agar-agar. Bring to a boil. Let it cool for a while and then, with the help of a dripping, make the “caviar”.
• You can keep this caviar in oil until its use.

Finishing touches and presentation:
Place the cream on the plate for it to stabilise and then the rest of the components in an harmonious way. Lastly, add a dash of raw EVOO.

Contribution of Pago de Valdecuevas to the plate:
The oil emulsifies and brings about all the nuances.