Olive grove

Where an exceptional evoo is born

The olive grove plays a key role in our project and is the basis for achieving a different product, where its olives imbue our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with characteristic aromas.


The estate is set in a Castilian plateau, surrounded by pine and cypress trees, characterised by being an area with varied topography, featuring a softly undulating plain with slopes around 0-2%. The estate itself is 116 metres higher than the nearest town.


The upper layers of the soil are made up of tertiary and plio-quaternary sediments. In general, the land is a plateau characterised by lake environments, formed by a calcareous level above on which brecciated clusters, terra rosa deposits and calcimorphic soils tend to develop. It is basic soil with excellent structure, porosity and drainage, giving our olive grove very particular characteristics.


The climate is Continental Mediterranean, with cold, long winters and dry, hot summers. The average temperature for the year is 13ºC, with a contrast between daytime and night-time temperatures, particularly during the periods of vegetative activity in our grove, which strengthens the aromatic quality of our product. The average precipitation for the year is 450 mm.


The main variety is Arbequina. It’s open branch and reduced vigor variety, which gives grat skills for a proper mechanization. The fruit is spherical and light, giving as a result of high quality oils in our area, a little sweety and very fruity. In the land we also have Picual and Manzanilla Cacereña.”


In terms of crop management, we are extremely demanding in our operations, since we seek to implement the latest cultivation techniques in our olive grove, respecting the natural environment as one of the values of our project. Therefore, we use flying techniques for vegetative management, periodic soil and leaf analyses, as well as exhaustive climate monitoring on our estate – just some examples of our management techniques.