Pago de Valdecuevas


At Pago de Valdecuevas, we love the land and we take great care over our processes, combining patience and wisdom to leave our soul in every product. That’s why we’re able to boast exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oils, born out of a land with history and heart.

Throughout these years our oils have received the most important and recognized international EVOO awards.

At the very first campaigns we were honored by the prestigious international prize MARIO SOLINAS, this is known as the “Oscar prize of the EVOOs”, and in 2021 PAGO DE VALDECUEVAS has been awarded as The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Spain, “Ripe Fruitiness” category, by the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain.

We are proud of our work and we want to show you Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a different way.

In 2008 we embarked on our journey and planted the first olive trees, in 2011 we consolidated our project building the first olive mill of Valladolid, in Medina de Rioseco.