Confit baby cuttlefish, black garlic and citrus fruits bilbaina sauce (Green Sauce) with Pago de Valdecuevas EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pago de Valdecuevas


  30 / Intermediate


Fresh baby cuttlefish             16
Black garlic        5 cloves
Garlic       2 cloves
Potatoes                  2
Fish stock or fumet        4oo ml
Ginger                 Tt
Lemon and lime zest              Tt
Roasted pepper                      Tt
Pago de Valdecuevas EVOO  Tt
Xerry vinegar                    30 ml
Soy sauce                   Tt


• Thoroughly clean the cuttlefish and set aside. Aromatise the EVOO with a clove of black garlic, place in a vacuum bag with the cuttlefish and cook by immersion at 65ºC for 12 minutes, chill and set aside.
• For the black garlic purée: boil some fumet with the potatoes and the remaining black garlic until the potatoes are ready. Finely mash the mixture to obtain a smooth purée.
• For the bilbaina sauce with citrus fruits: finely slice the garlic and pepper, cover with oil and raise the temperature from cold until they are golden. Then, add the chopped ginger and grated lemon and lime zest (it is very important to remove the white part of the zest). Add the xerry vinegar to stop the cooking process and set aside.

Finishing touches and presentation::
Warm up the cuttlefish right before serving them, placing the black garlic purée at the bottom of the plate. Place the cuttlefish rings on the plate and cover them with the citrus bilbaína sauce.

Contribution of Pago de Valdecuevas to the plate:
The oil is the cooking means and we subdue the main product to a very controlled temperature confit so that it impregnates itself with the oil and its nuances.