Cod tripe in Pago de Valdecuevas Pil-Pil with Triguero asparagus

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pago de Valdecuevas


  / Easy


Cod tripe  400 grs.
P. de Valdecuevas EVOO 400 grs.
Laminated garlic   3 cloves
Chilli 1 pinch
Asparagus 8 und.
Chive Tt
Salt Tt

For the garnish:
Courgette ½ und.
Carrot ½ und.
Cauliflower flowers 4 und.
Garlic 1 und.
Shallots 4 und.
Milk cup and other
wild mushrooms  25 gr.
Baby beans 25 gr.
Triguero asparagus 4 und.


• Pour the Pago de Valdecuevas EVOO in a wide and low pot, heat and add the laminated garlic and the chilli. Once they start browning, remove the garlic and chilli and let the oil cool down.
• Cut the cod tripe in 1 cm thick strips and put it in the oil.
• Cook it in low heat, without the cod frying, so it releases its gelatin.
• Mid-cooking, drain the oil to let it cool down.
• With a rocking movement bind the oil with the fish gelatin for the pil-pil slowly adding the Pago de Valdecuevas EVOO.
• Add some asparagus dices at the end.
• Heat up to serve, adjusting the salt if necessary and adding a little bit of the remaining chive.

Finishing touches and presentation:
Lightly heat up being careful not to spoil the bound mixture and top with the chopped chive and some sprouts.

Pago de Valdecuevas´ contribution to the dish:
Acting as emulsifier of the pil-pil and adding a fruity hint.