Creamy Salmorejo, Pago de Valdecuevas ice cream, basil and anchovies

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pago de Valdecuevas


  / Intermediate


For the creamy salmorejo:
Garlic  2 cloves
Tomatoes  800 gr.
Salt  5 gr.
P. de Valdecuevas EVOO  70 gr.
Greek Yoghurt   1 und.
Gelatine  4 sheets

For the Pago de Valdecuevas Ice cream:
P. de Valdecuevas EVOO  100 gr.
Glucose  100 gr.
Milk  500 gr.
Sugar  100 gr.
Egg yolk  6 und.

For the garnish:
Basil  Tt*.
Anchovies  Tt.
Croutons  Tt.
ALSO: assorted sprouts
*Tt: To taste


• Grind the ingredients in the thermomix and set aside.
• Mix the ingredients, heat the mixture to 82ºC.• Put the mixture in the ice cream maker, churn and set aside

Finishing touches and presentation:
Arrange the elaborations in a harmonious manner in a cocktail glass.

Pago de Valdecuevas´ contribution to the dish:
Acting as the emulsifier in the salmorejo, giving it a hint of almond and a smooth and sweet taste. It does not give you an itchy or tart feeling. In the ice cream it works as an anti-crystallizing and contributes with the fat necessary for a perfect churning.