Pago de Valdecuevas Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gumdrop

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pago de Valdecuevas


  / Intermediate


For the gumdrop:
Water 100 ml.
P. de Valdecuevas EVOO  200 ml. Powdered sugar 80 gr.
Isomalt  100 gr.
Glucose 24 gr.
Gelatin  4 sheets.
Vanilla  3 pods.

Sugar  100 gr.
Citric acid 6 gr.


• Mix the water, sugar, glucose and isomalt in a small sauce pan .
• Heat to 90ºC for 5 minutes without stirring.
• Transfer the hot mixture into a blender and add the EVOO in a thin stream until getting a uniform emulsion.
• Add the vanilla pods.
• Strain with a metallic net sift and dissolve the gelatin, previously hydrated, in the mixture.
• Pour the oil mixture onto a 1.5cm high pan and let cool. Cut in small rectangles.

Finishing touches and presentation:
Scoop the mixture with a sharp knife and a wide spatula, cutting into 3×1.5 cm rectangles and cover with sugar. Finish with a hint of citric acid.

Pago de Valdecuevas´ contribution to the dish:
It enhances the intensity of the vanilla and provides smoothness to the gumdrop.