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For the oil butter:
Valdecuevas Chef EVOO  200 ml.
Cocoa butter  100 gr.
Salt 10 gr.

For the bread chips:
Chapata bread 1 loaf.

For the garnish :
Assorted herbs  Tt
Maldon Salt  Tt
Sprouts  Tt


• Melt the cocoa butter at 35ºC and add the Valdecuevas EVOO
• Lower the temperature of the mixture down to 2ºC and work it until reaching 15ºC
• Set aside in a pastry bag.
• Cut the chapata bread in 15cm portions and freeze
• Shave into 3mm wide slices with a deli slicer
• Work and mold each slice to achieve volume and toast in the oven at 180ºC
• Set aside in a dry place, inside a plastic container

Finishing touches and presentation:
Serve the bread chips accompanied by the oil butter and herbs.

Pago de Valdecuevas Chef´s contribution to the dish:
Together with the cocoa butter, which is the ingredient that delivers the texture, the taste of the oil is enhanced, but then freshened in the mouth by the sprouts.


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