Dark chocolate ganache, Pago de Valdecuevas Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt

Valdecuevas Chef


  / Intermediate


For the ganache:
Dark chocolate  600 gr.
Cream 800 gr.
Valdecuevas Chef EVOO  25 gr.
Spice mix  Tt.


• Heat the cream with the spices to 90 º C, add the EVOO and set aside.
• Add the dark chocolate and mix.
• Let the mixture settle in the fridge so it gets compact.

Finishing touches and presentation:
Make a quenelle with the dark chocolate ganache, add EVOO, sprinkle some Maldon salt and plate together with a caramelized torrija and oil gumdrops.

Pago de Valdecuevas Chef´s contribution to the dish:
Its acts as the emulsifier in the ganache, enhancing the taste of the dark chocolate and softening its strong taste.