Galician Recipe: Meat the Cauldron

Special Selection General Blake


  1 hora y 30 minutos / Easy


1 kilo of morcillo or hock

1 small piece of garlic, the size of a walnut (it is a stale bacon, you can find in some butchers)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Selection General Blake


Pimentón de la Vera



Fill a large pot with water, a little of salt and salt. When it starts to boil, I put the hock, they have to be completely covered with water and I leave cooking on average fire approximately one hour and a half, depending on the size of the meat. You have to stay tender.

When the meat is ready, I remove it and in the same broth I place the potatoes peeled and clean. I leave them boiling for about 20 minutes, with all the flavor of the broth of the meat and the garlic.

I place the meat and potatoes on a clay tray. I sprinkle everything with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Selection General Blake, an oil of Grupo Valdecuevas, excellent and of extraordinary quality.

Assembled with the best olives of Picual, Manzanilla Cacereña and Arbequina existing in the estate of Pago de Valdecuevas, hand-picked and processed in their best organoleptic state and only by mechanical processes and cold extraction.

It is an oil that also has a great history, its name of General Blake, is a homage to all that fought in the battle that took place in the beginnings of the War of the Spanish Independence the 14 of July of 1808 in the environs of Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid). It assumed the occupation of Castile by the French. It was the defeat of the Spanish Army commanded jointly by the Spanish generals Garcia de la Cuesta and Joaquin Blake in front of the Napoleonic troops in the Valdecuevas paramo. It is in that same enclave, where are the oil mill and olive trees of Pago de Valdecuevas.

After the intense aroma of this oil that I recommend, sprinkle Pimentón de la Vera (you can use sweet or spicy, depending on your tastes) salt and enjoy one of the most authentic recipes of the Galician lands.

Recipe source, elaboration and graphic material: Delascosasdelcomer